What does it mean to Thrive?

  • Fostering effective strategic partnerships
  • Providing all types and tenures of housing
  • Thriving and connected communities
  • Prevention and early intervention where needed
  • Providing safer communities
  • Starting well, living well and ageing well
  • Developing our Community and Voluntary Sector
  • to look at the question of what makes us thrive alongside our communities in order to develop the view of the collective as well as creating a space for people to reflect on the question personally. This is work that will be supported by the community mapping project that I have written about here.
  • to look at the question in a person centred way internally to make sure that the different aspects of the answer that we hold are connected and work smoothly together as a customer experience.



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Catherine Howe

Catherine Howe

I'm all about thinking, doing, multidisciplinary practice and being kind…in a socio-technical way